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Computer Know-How and Care

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Date Session Name Materials Assignment


1 - 3

Inside of a PC Watch the Video

Click on the video in the upper right hand corner. Draw a diagram of the inside of a PC on your own

paper and have ready tomorrow.

  Computer Care

How to Care for Your PC

Read the article and complete the checklist. (We will complete this tomorrow, Tuesday.)
  Review Parts of a PC Hangman Game Play hangman to review the parts of a PC
  Learn More About PCs Kids-Online  Helpful website that reviews the parts of a PC
  Review Parts of a PC Computer Basics Games Play matching game, concentration, or complete a wordsearch to learn about computers.
  Find the Technology Search for Technology   Find the "hidden" technology game.
  Input or Output Devices Identification Game Show your knowledge of different types of devices.
  Keyboard Challenge Identification Game Show your knowledge of the keyboard.
  Hardware Inside of a PC Diagram of the  Inside of a PC Explains hardware components and has labeled diagram of the parts inside a PC.
  Bits and Bytes Learn About the Sizes of Bits and Bytes

Article that compares bits and bytes and defines the size of each.


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