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Got to Have It Gadgets

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Check out these Cool On-Line Gadgets...


  • Add a folder in your server drive and name it cool gadgets.If you don't remember how, click this link and find out how!
  • Follow the directions below to learn about and use each gadget.
  • Title each set of questions/answers in your word document with the name of each new gadget that you learn about.


VozMe- type in text and convert it to an mp3 file

Use the link above to learn more about VozMe.  Open a word document and name it Cool On-Line Gadgets, save the document in your cool gadgets folder.

1.  Use the link above to create a mp3 file with VozMe.  Add the link to your mp3 file in your word document.  Use the same steps you would use if you were adding a hyperlink in PowerPoint.


Kid Cast- a website so that kids can publish their own Podcasts so others can listen

Use the link above to learn more about Podcasts.  Answer the following questions in complete sentences in your word document named Cool On-Line Gadgets.
1. What is a Podcast?
2.  Why is Kid Cast a safe place for kids to post their podcasts?
3.  Click on the blog tab and read one of the articles posted there.  Then write a short paragraph about the article summarizing the main points.
4.  If possible, click on the Podcast tab and listen to a couple of podcasts and give your opinoin on two of them.  What were your thoughts about the topic of the Podcast?


Soundsnap- is a community driven on-line sound library

Use the link above to explore Soundsnap.  Search for sounds, listen to them, and answer the questions below.
1.  What type of sounds did you find?
2.  Why might you use this site?  What could you use these sound files for?


Delicious- social bookmarking service

Use the link above to learn more about the site Delicious.  Visit the website and click on the link that says "learn more" to find the answers to the questions below.
1.  What is a social bookmarking service?
2.  Why would a delicious account help you?
3.  How can you organize your bookmarks on delicious?


Earth Cam- view webcams from all over the world

Use the link above to explore the Earth Cam site.  Visit the website and answer the questions below.
1.  What are the locations of the top 10 web cams?

2.  List five locations of the newest web cams.

3.  Search for a location of a webcam that you are interested in viewing.  What location did you search for?  What did you see on your web cam?


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